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First Day in London

overcast 22 °C

Day One of our European trip started with us waking up at the correct time of 6.12am London time refreshed from a decent night sleep after our 30 odd hour flight from Australia to London. We started with our normal Coffee and trying to programme the TV into a local news station so that we could gauge what the day would be like for our exploring expedition.

After the usual shower etc we were ready to set off on Day one. I will say I suggested that we take our jumpers due to the recent wet weather but it was not until we ventured downstairs and outside for the first time that Ross and I went straight back to our room to retrieve our Jumpers for the day’s adventure. Fortunately for us we only needed our jumpers for a short period in the morning as it turned out to be a beautiful Day much to the surprise of the local people.

Ross with GPS in hand so that we could get our bearings, as we had decided to walk to the city centre, as it was only a few kilometres from our motel. We set off to navigate to the city centre only to get half way down the block realising we were going in the wrong direction.(all was good and we were soon on the correct track).

I will say we soon discarded the GPS and went by landmarks for future reference to get back to our hotel room, (which for the record I will tell you guys is very dodge but still ok for what we need while in London.)
After walking through streets leading towards Tower of London with really cool demolitions going on we finally came out onto Tower of London Bridge and the Famous Thames River.
As you can see from the photos we had a mixture of old and new along our path into the centre of London of our day of getting our bearings.
The weather for the morning was scattered showers, which we got after first looking at the Tower of London and walking our first leg of the river towards the city centre.
The first thing we noticed is that the English people do not have a bladder as there is a lack of public toilets available but we then found that there are a lot of pubs with toilets which suit us as we do like to drink as most of you know already.
We were amazed at the old and new buildings along the river.
Once we got passed the EYE of London which had a very long line up at 9am (which surprisingly was what Ross said his body clock said it was. I have to say I was very sceptical of this at the time but was later confirmed that he was right). [Damn I hate it when he is right].
We decided that it was time for breakfast at of all places McDonald’s (slowest McDonalds ever) South Warks near the Eye of London
We then headed into the centre of London across the bridge near Big Ben as it chimed 10. This is a very impressive building (also parliament house which we passed on going and watching) which is directly opposite Westminster ABBEY which had a huge line up to get in and see. Not that we were interested in seeing inside as it was well televised last week. So we moved on down the street not knowing exactly where we were going when we came across a park with a typical English cottage garden and oh LOOK a Squirrel which was so unexpected but such a joy and when we convert the video you will understand. We then walked through the park by instinct and ended up at Buckingham Palace at the time of the Changing of the Guard, we so Jagged this which was so unexpected, but extremely enjoyable. We then walked back towards the river Along the Lane and also saw the Changing of the Guard from the Guard house.

Our next stop was Trafalgar Square which was so Busy but also very cool as you can see from the video. We then ventured back to the river and found Walkabout Pub which is an Australian franchise in UK; we had an Aussie beer and a pee (WAS DIEING TO PEE). At this point we decided that we were going to PUB crawl our way back to our Hotel.

Horniman Hay was our next pub stop.......by this stage my feet were showing signs of over work and I knew it was going to be a long and painful trip back to the hotel.

Across The tower of London Bridge and we were on the home stretch back to the hotel.
We stopped into The White Hart Pub for a couple of pints and found that it was central to the Jack the Ripper Murders. The alley beside the pub was where one of his victims was found. The publican was very nice and the atmosphere brilliant.

Next stop was the local Pub we have now called our local stop. The Misty Moon. We stopped for a pint before venturing back to the hotel to up load photos and video’s of the day.

I am sorry but I did go to sleep for a little while as Ross uploaded a snippet of today’s ventures.

We then went back to The Misty Moon and found ourselves sitting at a table with a Spanish percussionist group from the local fair listening to a foreign language for us but so common for them. They have given us some suggestions on what to look at tomorrow which we will try and achieve. Today has been totally awesome and we look forward to tomorrow.

Some photos speak for themselves but I will try and caption most as we had some wacky reasons for taking some of them.

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1st Day in London

overcast 22 °C

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Best way to chat to us

Hey everyone, the best way to chat to us face to face is via Skype. My skype name is ross.lockhart42 & we will be on most days at 4pm (7am our time) if we have the net available.
For those who do not have skype it is free to download & free to use. Download here http://www.skype.com/intl/en/home

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1st Video Blog

Just a few short days to go

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Our Travel Blog

Nearly time to go

sunny 27 °C

Welcome to our travel blog. Hopefully we will update this daily depending on whether we have internet or not.
Just a few short days before we head of to the UK & Europe. All packed, everything booked, confirmed & our bike should be sitting in Felixstowe awaiting our arrival. We fly out to Brisbane on Thursday then to Dubai & onto London flying with Emirates. It's about a 24 hour flight & we arrive in London Friday 12:15pm which is 9:15pm Townsville time. Should be weird going back 9 hours in time, at least we will be a little younger when we get there.

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