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Thursday 12th May
Wales to Ireland
We started the day by packing and rugging up to go explore the town of Ruthin that we stumbled upon yesterday. As you will see from the photos this place is absolutely gorgeous and we were amazed every corner we turned and each lane we went down, we even found a castle and walked around the gardens with our mouths agape with awe (Ross saw a squirrel). We could hear the sound of peacocks and it was not long before we came across them in a court yard, a male which I believe is trained to do this put on a brilliant display and I caught it on camera (yeah for me). We also found a spiral stair case that went down but we opted out as it became very dark very quickly.
Tudor buildings were the main theme of the town and most were dated in the 14th century. We also found the local bakery in a back alley and Ross had a Pastie and I had a beef pie for breakfast, very yummy. The pictures speak for themselves for this beautiful town.
After fuelling and loading up the bike we headed off towards Hollyhead where we were catching the ferry to Ireland. Along the way we saw an amazing Castle on the side of a hill and detoured of the motorway to see if we could get a closer look we back tracked a little too far on a side road and asked Denis (our GPS) where the nearest castle was and he directed us to Castle Bodelwyddan and no we cannot pronounce this name and will not even try it is in Welsh. This was a nice experience and Linsey our daughter and her best friend Eb got to see it over skype as we called them in the gardens. We came back to the bike in the car park to find a Brick (mini cooper) parked right behind us making it quite difficult to get out especially with the weight of the bike fully loaded. We were successful and proceeded back to the fist castle we spotted to find it was a private one and I had to climb over a fence to get a good spot to take a photo and unfortunately it does not do the castle justice.
Next part of our trip to the ferry was mainly uneventful apart from the tunnels through the mountains which Ross thought were really cool and yes he made the bird sound really loud while going through them.
We arrived at the ferry with no hassles and lined up with a group of bikers from all over Europe that do a trip every year and this year they are going to Ireland and touring around. Our trip on the ferry to Ireland lasted 4 hours approximately arriving in Dublin.
Off loading the bags at our motel we decided to do some research into Dublin’s night life by heading down to Temple Bar district. We had an awesome time, dinner at Thunder Road which is like a Cactus Jacks on Bike steroids and then we did a pub crawl of the street with lots of live music and managed to drag ourselves back to the motel sometime after midnight.

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Tuesday 10th May
Felixstowe here we come.

We waited patiently for our opportunity to board the tube to begin our trip to Felixstowe. Not too early and get caught up with the morning sardines and not too late that we miss our above ground train.
All went smoothly until we got to Ipswich and missed our train to Felixstowe as it was only a one carriage train and it was up the other end of our platform with no announcements of its departure etc.
We then had to wait another hour for the next train which was ok because we caught up with a fellow Australian Clint and talked about lots of different things, mainly bikes of course.
Our motel is very nice and a bit opulent.
We meet up with more Australians and found that we could pick up our bike today instead of waiting until tomorrow, Yipeee. Ross set off to pick up the bird and fill out all the paperwork and now the bird is parked on very expensive carpet downstairs in one of the foyers.
We had a few pints and a bottle of wine after finding the only bottle of port was very expensive. Where we had tea was amusing being a restaurant by the sea it had run out of fish so no fish and chips in an English sea side town.
Just a couple of funnies from the day: We both farted in an English chair in a fancy bar. And I topped that by farting in the elevator up to our room which was a bit woofy Bahahahaha.

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Last Day in London

Sorry too many pints at the pub

sunny 22 °C

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Follow your nose

Whats wrong with my sence of direction?

sunny 22 °C

Monday 9th May
Today we tackled the transport system and educated ourselves about Winston Churchill.
After catching up with our kids on Skype and finding out a party has already happened while we have been away, we set off for our last full day in London.
Our plan for today was as little walking as possible due to my blistered feet, so we decided to tackle the underground trains of central London. The first train from Bethnal Green was like sardines in a can, we chose peak time for the workers of central London going to work, absolutely no personal space.
Coming out at Bank Station we went with Ross’s sense of direction to get to The Monument which was erected for the memorial of the 1666 great fire of London. Ha we ended up at St Paul’s cathedral which was very cool and in the opposite direction of where we needed to go, but you get that and it worked out ok as we got to see other things. Now that we needed to get to The Monument we decided to look at a Map instead of relying on someone’s gut feeling! (So much for not walking too much today, I felt like a cripple limping along the street, but still enjoying every minute).
Finally we found The Monument and as we have discovered before English people do not start early in the Morning for anything, so we still had half an hour to kill before it opened so we decided to have breakfast at MAM’s next to The Monument (Red sauce by the way is Tomato sauce as we found out).
Finally 9.30am came along and as I was injured (and very scared of heights, Ross did this one on his own) 311 steps (which by the way is the same amount of steps as Castle Hill back home) to the top and Ross as fit as he is powered up until half way when he realized he is not as fit as he thought Bahahahaha. And when he finally got to the top he had to take a moment to compose himself before looking down and waving at me who I must say was feeling pretty good sitting at the bottom just watching the world go by. When Ross got back down to the bottom he was presented with a Certificate to say he had reached the top and back to the bottom without having a heart attack!
We now went back underground to catch the train to Westminster (Big Ben) so that we could have a short walk to the War Rooms which was the main event for the day. We had the correct directions this time as we had done this part the first day. All I can say is that this was the best experience for Ross for the trip so far and I have a new appreciation for Winston Churchill (our kind of man, really liked his alcohol), he was an amazing man and I would recommend that if you are in London that The War Rooms need to be on your list to do. Oh nearly forgot Ross was wearing his Holden Shirt and this struck up a conversation with fellow Aussie travelers that recognized it as he also owned a Holden.
We then walked to Trafalgar Square and chilled out for a little while so that my feet could recover somewhat and took some more photos.
Next stop was Walkabout again for Lunch and as there are about 40 in the UK we got a discount card as this was our third visit….they sell Bundy Rum what more can I say.
Temple Train Station right next door we decided to head back to our Motel as my feet were suffering, little did we know that the next stop would involve the most walking between stops that we had had so far. Finally we got onto the homeward bound train and have spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for our trip to Felixstowe tomorrow (repairs to the suitcase and re-organized packing) and walked to our local pub The Misty Moon for a few pints.

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B Day in London

overcast 19 °C

Sunday 8th May
Brick Lane, Big Bus, Boat, Burgers, Bike, Blisters, Big Ben, Bright red jackets and big black hats, Bobbies and lots of beeping horns. So today was a B day in London.
BRICK LANE: Our first item of the day was to be Brick Lane Markets which was suggested to us on our first night in London. So with Ross feeling a little bit ordinary from the night before we set off bright and early (9am) to see the Markets down Brick Lane only to find out that London does not do early on a Sunday and we were walking along Brick Lane watching the stores setting up and most of the Lane very quiet. We decided it might liven up by the time we were coming back to our motel so moved onto our next port of call……..
BIG BUS: We went on a Big Bus tour of London and Westminster cities on an open air double Decker bus. We boarded the Big bus at Tower of London and enjoyed commentary of the landmarks and history of the two cities for the next 2 and a half hours. The photos will explain some of the sights we saw, I think the most we got out of the tour is English do pomp and ceremony really well. It is also the year of the Statues, I missed the jelly babies statue but got the Horse head as big as a house, there was also a hand zoom zooming a car.

BOAT: With our ticket that we bought to do the Big bus tour we also got to go on a boat down the Thames so we got yet another prospective of the city, and listened to a very funny tour guide with a very dry sense of humor which I think went over most of the passengers heads, he put a smile on our faces.

BURGER: We decided to drop into the Walkabout for our lunch and a Pint, Ross had the Big burger and I opted for the Lasagna and as my feet were now suffering with Blisters on blisters we decided to try and hire some push bikes for the rest of the afternoon.

BIKES: You can hire a bike free for the first 30mins and one pound for an hour, there are docking station all over the place, this saved me a lot of pain and I think Ross enjoyed being on A vehicle with two wheels…..I honestly don’t know how we did not get killed on these bikes in the traffic, there were some very close calls, Ross even had a moment at a traffic light with a big double Decker bus up our clacker.

BRIGHT RED JACKETS AND BIG BLACK HATS: We came across another parade of the palace guard near the war memorial; there is a video we will post.

BOBBIE: We soon found out from the local authority that under no circumstance are you allowed to ride on the footpath “Rider Halt Rider Halt….you are not allowed to ride on the footpath” Ross decided that it would be ok as long as they didn’t catch him doing it…….I on the other hand obeyed the law even though I was in a lot of pain with my blisters.

BACK ALONG BRICK LANE: Wow this was absolutely packed but not the kind of market we were expecting, lots of restaurants pouring out onto the street selling their food to passing patrons. The most common cuisine was Indian, the smell of curry was everywhere and there were a lot people enjoying the afternoon. It was a good experience with lots of different people, but not a market in the sense that we are use to with stalls selling crafty stuff etc and what stalls were selling stuff was not what you would call in good condition.

We eventually made it back to our room which we decided was the safest spot for us as there are a lot of people in the streets around our motel and a lot of police and so many cars BLASTING THERE HORNS in frustration with the traffic.

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