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Inside Leap Castle

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Sunday 15th May


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Sunday 15th May
Castle Sunday
We left Kilkenny and travelled to The Rock of Cashel which was recommended as a must see while we were in the area and it happened to be close to Leap Castle which we had already planned on visiting. Denis(GPS) decided he was going to take us off the beaten track on the way to our first castle which actually gave us a very unique first view of The rock, we both went “Wow!” and as you can see from the photos this is an impressive castle.
Although we circled the rock twice trying to find the car park we eventually found it and to our surprise there were hundreds of Garda (Irish police) combing the area and we thought that something had happen in the area but after much discussion and overhearing conversions that The Queen was actually visiting the place in a couple of days so they were making sure everything was secure, there was even a guy with absailing gear going over the walls. Aside from this we were very impressed by this castle and would like to come back when they finish their restoration. A small note if you planning on visiting this Castle go as early as possible to avoid the coach tours.
Now we headed off to the main attraction Leap Castle which we first discovered while watching Hamish and Andy show travelling around Ireland and then again on The Ghost Hunter show from America we in did a bit of research on the castle to discover that it is the most haunted place in the world.
We arrived to find no one home and decided to find our campsite and see if we could enter the castle tomorrow. Placing the co-ordinates into Denis for the campsite we rode across the country side following the directions spoken by Denis only to arrive at a destination of nowhere and no campsite in site, time for plan B. Find a Pub and ask a local where the best place would be to say and our answer was a B & B on the outskirts of Roscrae which was wonderful and we meet two lovely Americans Dallas and Sara and had a couple of bottles of wine and planned our trip over the next couple of days as we were finding we could not fit all the places in that we wanted to go to so we needed to re-route our trip.

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Ireland country Side

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Saturday 14th May

We rode into the beautiful Irish country side and by avoiding the motorways we rode down narrow winding roads with tall hedges and stone fences, enjoying every moment. We arrived at our destination for the day(Kilkenny) and without internet or GPS we found where to get our supplies and set up ourselves for our first night of camping.

We had a look around the famous Kilkenny Castle which we later found out from a very interesting fellow was reconstructed and was not the original which is the case with most of the castles in Ireland.

Back at our camp ground we spent the evening talking, listening and drinking with lovely company and planned the next part of our trip around Ireland.

Funny for Today: pulled into a servo and we had a choice of Clean Unleaded or Clean Diesel, as if you would put dirty fuel in your vehicle.

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Out on the Bird now

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Guinness Pub Crawl

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Friday 13th May

Guinness Pub Crawl
Ok as we had such a big night last night at the Temple Bar district today had a bit of a slow start. Irish Breakfast at 8.30 and fix internet/computer problems until 11am. Just a word of advice the internet is crap in Dublin unless you jag a good motel with good wireless.
We then set off to the Guinness original brewery at St James, Dublin which takes up about 6 city blocks in the centre of Dublin; they have a 9000 year lease at 45 pound per year & are the largest brewery in the world. Ross enjoyed this and could not wait to get to The Gravity Bar at the top so he could have his first pint of Guinness for the day as we had 50 thousand the night before, it tastes better here. Finally we made it to the top and had our pint and then caught the elevator down to the bottom and walked back to the Temple bar district to continue our Pub crawl of Dublin with many more pints of Guinness in store. We had our traditional Irish lunch at The Old Storehouse with beef stew in Guinness with mash, topped off with a bailey’s cheese cake & a real Irish coffee which was beautiful and the service was excellent (can you see the alcohol theme here in Dublin?). We then visited a few other bars and enjoyed some more live Irish music and pub crawled our way back to the Hotel & a couple more Guinness’s on the way.
It is now 8.30pm and we are enjoying a couple bottles of wine and Ross is very pissy so I am signing off on this blog for today.

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