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Final days of trip

sunny 25 °C

Sunday 3rd July

Exploring Zeeland in Holland
We decided to go for a ride back into Holland along the coast cause we have seen enough of Brugge, wanted to go for a ride & we had to resupply some stuff. The coastal towns are really cool & there was this massive tunnel we got to ride through under a river, think it was around 7kms long. The Bird gets a real deep reverberating noise in the tunnels that goes straight through you, pretty cool noise. Anyway we got what we were after & headed back to Brugge to sit by the canal sunning ourselves with a few 11% Belgium beers.

Monday 4th July

Last Day on the Bird
We had to get back to Felixstowe in England to send the Bird back home so of to the Eurotunnel we headed from our hostel in Bruuge. We made quick work of Belgium & to Calais in France straight onto the earlier tunnel train & over to Dover in England. The GPS I replaced back in Switzerland only came with Europian maps so the travel through the UK could be interesting, no GPS, no maps & not much clue. On the train under the channel a couple of English bikers gave us directions to Felixstowe so we now know to take the M20 then the M25 then the M11 north towards Cambridge. We made it near Cambridge no problems at all then refueled, had a peek at a map in the servo then on to the A11 then A14 all the way to Felixstowe. We got checked in at our posh English hotel then went for a walk along an English sea side beach on a glorious, sunny day.

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Still in Amsterdam & beyond

sunny 25 °C

Wednesday 29th June

Wanted to stay in Amsterdam

Tram Strike in Amsterdam

Public transport was down for an industrial strike so we hung out at our camp ground which is pretty cool anyway. We did all the mundane washing crap while having quite a few beers at the bar. We wanted to stay here for a bit longer so we booked another nighs stay in our trusty tent. Latter on that night a bunch of travelling musicians who were camped there also jumped up on stage & jambed the night away, they were really good. There was a private staff party on too so the night was really pumping.

Thursday 30th June

Change of Accommodation

Tent was dead so had a ceremonial burial & upgraded our accommodation to a wagonette. We did our washing while we waited for our wagon then caught a different tram into Amsterdam Dam Square which we got off at Rembrandt Square as we knew that spot & wanted to go to the markets there. Wandered around sightseeing a bit more & we have a few favorite spots we like to come back too like the Damkring of the movie Oceans 12. Finally caught the tram back to camp Zeeburg for our final night in Amsterdam.

Friday 1st July

Have to Leave Amsterdam

Right time to leave this awesome place but all good things must come to an end. We packed up & headed sail for Brugge in Belgium which we made a point to see as we love the movie “In Brugge”. All flat boring motorways with a restricted limit of 120kph but luckily a Volvo wanted to go wood duck for us. We passed him a couple of times to egg him on a bit & the shitbox Volvo got to nearly 220kph, not bad for a diesel. Anyway we made it to our Hostel in Brugge & had a really good shower as it wasn’t so easy to shower in camp Zeeburg, bit manky eewww! Then off into Brugge for a recon mission which was awesome, very narrow cobble stone streets everywhere would be totally lost without the GPS. Found our way to market square with the bell tower then alfresco Italian for dinner washed down with Belgium beer, it’s a hard life but someone has to do it. Back to the Hostel for a quick nanny nap which went until 8:00am the next morning, haven’t had much sleep lately so I guessed we needed it.

Saturday 2nd July

Brugge is not a Shit Hole

Woke up at early enough at our Hostel in Brugge for our continental breakfast then drag the Bird out of the rowing shed lock up and of into Brugge we went. The Bird sounds wicked crackling along over the cobble stone roads rattling all of the ancient widows, made my tits wobble & Tess’s nipples were erect too. Brugge is the most well preserved medieval town in all of Europe, there is some trivia for you. Anyway we found some internet & found some sights to see from the movie we love “In Brugge”. We found the holdup Hotel which is a very up market place now, silver service ‘n’ everything. Then we found the park with the blue & gold pergola then followed our nose into another cool square. It was the Burg square where there was a gathering mass of horse drawn carriages for a parade & as we found out there is a chapel which has the blood of Jesus Christ in it from an earlier crusade. We checked it, out as you do, but Tess would not go up & touch the blood, thought it might explode in flames. There were some pretty serious looking religious types lining up so I don’t blame her. We had a few nice Belgium beers from a local pub, got some supplies, headed back to our Hostel & sat by the canal with our mate Jack Heerer from Amsterdam.

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A Great Day in Amsterdam

storm 25 °C

We caught the tram back into Amsterdam city centre in the morning & spent the day exploring. I wanted to find the top 7 coffee shops which there are over 300 coffee shops in the centre of Amsterdam alone so finding the 7 I wanted was a bit of a mission. We meet up with Clint at Dam Square for dinner later that night & we had found an Aussie pub before so we headed there for a propper Aussie burger. A big storm hit while we were there which was really cool with all of the thunder & lightning. After that we frequented a few more of my favorite bars & coffee shops until we had to make the tram before they finish running at midnight. We said goodbye to our now really great mate Clint & hope to see him again back in the land of Aus real soon. Tess & I walked off through Dam Square with thunder & lightning all around, caught the Tram back to camp Zeeburg, had a space cake for desert then called it a night.

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Stuttgart & Nurgurgring

rain 15 °C

Saturday 19th June
Broken Gear, 4 Countries & a Reward

Rained all night & the air bed shit it’s self, didn’t want to get up & leave the tent but suck it up princess, have a spoon full of concrete & off we go. Packed everything up under the camp shelter out of the rain & bumped into Dave from Sydney on a KTM Adventurer so we had a chat for a bit, bloody Aussies everywhere. All loaded up, fired Denis the GPS up & he was dead, RIP Denis. Got some directions from some locals to an electronics shop in the next town & we now have Ken the Aussie GPS, will down load Ozzie Ozborne in the morning. So out of Switzerland we road in the pissing down rain & the next thing we know we are in Lichtenstein then through a border crossing into Austria & into Germany stkill in pissing down rain. We hit our first autobahn with no speed limit but the best we could manage was 140kph due to the heavy rain & spray. We pressed on through the crappy weather & the rain broke about 50km out of our destination in Stuttgart. Finally the Bird got to spread her wings on the autobahn, to a limit, as we were 2 up with panniers & a top box but 200kph was comfortable. We even passed a police car & Tess gave me a tap to slow down but I didn’t have too, haaa! passed a copper at 200kph legally, got to love Germany. We found our way to a hostel right in the centre of Stuttgart as we were way too wet to camp the night. Unloaded, dried off & went for a walk through the shopping malls to the centre park with the sun shining, a Jazz band & a few steins of German beer. The diverse amount of people walking by in their thousands made for excellent people watching & real German beer is about 11% alcohol so a couple of steins does the trick. Now to dry everything out & off to the Nurburgring in the morning, HELL YEAH !! PS: please don’t rain, pretty please with a cherry on top.

Sunday 19th June

We packed up & left our impromptu stop over in Stuttgart & headed to the Nurburgring about 350km away along the autobahn in patchy rain. No time flat we rode past the ring on the way to Sliders Guesthouse which is a biker’s only place in Dullendorf. There was some Renault display happening on the new section of the ring & we could hear the sound of a formula 1 car being thrashed around the track as we rode past. Unloaded all our gear at Sliders, checked the Nurburgring web cam to see if it’s dry, which it was & headed off to do some laps without Tess. When I got there it was pissing down rain but what the heak I went out for a lap anyway. The track is very slippery when wet so I took it easy & was passed by 2 GT3 Porches but at least I got to pass a few cars including the track marshal car. I waited around for a while waiting for the track to dry out a bit before heading off again but it pissed down rain again so I called it quits & headed back to Sliders along some awesome bendy roads. That night we went out for tea & a few steins with a bunch of Englishmen from Sliders which ended up being a very entertaining & late night again. The ring is shut tomorrow due to them making preparations for a 24 hour race on the weekend so I’m going to have to come back & get some dry laps in, let,s see if I can stick it to them GT3 Porches.

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Assen and Amsterdam

sunny 30 °C

Monday 20th June

Lay Day at Nurgurgring

The ring was shut for the week & it was still pissing down rain so we had a bit of a lay day to dry out. After we did all the washing & usual stuff we got board & went for a ride in the rain around the awesome roads near the Nurburgring. The roads are like race tracks with hot melt smooth tar & cambered corners with great vision around them. Also the coppers don’t give a shit what you get up to so it’s a fair bit of fun even in the wet. We went to a near buy town to replace the air bed with no luck but we bought some supplies to cook up back at Sliders for tea.

Tuesday 21st June


We left our new biker friends from Sliders Guesthouse (thanks Brendon) & rode the short distance to Dusseldorf which took a little over an hour on the Autobahn at warp factor 9 again. We set up camp right near the centre of town & went for a hunt for a new air bed. We went past a few bars on the promenade & of course dropped in for a stein or 2. Then programmed the GPS to find a shopping centre & it took us for an awesome walk through the parks of Dusseldorf. Successfully found an air bed which is way better than our first one then made our way back to the promenade for dinner, beers & while the night away right on the Rhine River.

Wednesday 22nd June
Arrive at Assen MotoGP

We were packed up early in our now very efficient packing system the 2 of us have now got down to a fine art. Programmed the GPS for no motorways & made our way up the Rhine River to Wesel. We were expecting castles but only found industrial areas so the nice bit of the Rhine must be south of Dusseldorf, never mind they were fun roads & it wasn’t raining. Quick check of the itinerary & we are ment to be at our camp site in Assen today so back on the Autobahn & off towards Netherlands we go. You knew when you hit the Dutch boarder because you have to slow down from 200kph to 90kph & there are a crap load of police to make sure you slow down. It’s a bit boring the ride into Assen as Holland is very flat & the roads are straight with a very restrictive speed limit of 120kph at best. Firstly we went into the town of Assen to resupply the cash then of to our camp. We were one of the first ones to set up camp right next to Peter from Scotland which was a great idea as the camp ground soon filled to capacity. Luckily we managed to stumble across the best campground site in Assen, TT Sienen, there are quite a few & most of them don’t expect to get any sleep at all. I have been to Phillip Island, Eastern Creek & Bathurst & none of them know how to party on like Assen knows how to, unbelievable, I have never seen anything like it. We went back into town as we had to get internet to pay the bills & I wanted to find a “Coffee Shop”. We managed to do both & replace our towel we left back in Switzerland so all was good with the universe except for the persistent rain. We finally got to sleep through all the Doof Doof music, revving engines & explosions from neighboring campsites. Thank god we got the Quiet one!

Thursday 23rd June

Assen MotoGP Day 2

Right up & early but forget about getting a shower as there was a massive line up so a pommy shower was had & off to the first day of practice. I haven’t heard the 800cc MotoGP bikes & I was looking forward to the experience, f@#k they are load, no wonder they give you ear plugs with your tickets. It was pissing down as has become the norm over here so the practice was quite entertaining with a few crashes especially in the Moto2 600cc. We went for a walk right around the track to check out all the vantage points & to find where our grandstand seats were for Saturday’s race. The practice was called off after the first round due to an oil spill & bad weather. Casey Stoner was fastest in the wet Practice for day 1 so we were happy then made the half hour walk back to our camp past all of the party camps. On the way back we spotted our young Aussie mate Clint walking down the road, sweet. We meet Clint at the train station to pick our bikes up then he was part of the Ginger Hall crew then here he is at Assen camped up right next to us. I did give him the details for the camp site though. We caught a very fine Audi taxi into town for a proper Dinner & a few more beers. Back to the camp site, more of the awful Dutch music being played then of to bed again with Doof Doof, revving engines & explosions in the next camps.

Friday 24th June

Assen Moto GP Day 3
A little bit better weather greeted us, cold overcast but at least not bloody raining. I recon over the past 7 weeks of traveling excluding the Isle of Man we have been rained on every day except for 3 days in Switzerland & this is summer. Anyway of to practice we went with another Pommy shower which ended up being pretty good with Simonchlli then Spies then Stoner in third, at least the Aussie on the front row of the grid. Casey Stoner is not very liked over here, they call him Casey Moner & you can’t buy any of his merchandise either so we had to settle for Repsol Honda shirts. On the walk back to camp the heavens opened up again & drenched us before we made it to camp. Due to Friday being the busiest night in Assens we decided to stay and watch all the fun going on out in the street at the front of our camp ground. Thousands of people milled by all in the party mode and having a great time.
Saturday 25th June

Assen MotoGP race day

It wasn’t raining but still cold & overcast so hopefully it will hold out for the race. We found our way to the grandstand through more crowds & more bikes than I have ever seen. Apparently on the Friday night the population of Assen rises by over half a million, that’s a crap load of people. The start of the races was the kids in the Rookie cup on 125cc KTM’s & I thought I noticed an Aussie flag on the pole sitters arm band. It turned out I was right & the Aussie anthem was played for the first race of the day with a great fought last corner lunge Aussie victory, hopefully more to come. The 125cc were next with rain red flagging the race just past half way & I can’t remember who won it, Google it. Then the main race with Simonchelli on pole the Ben Spies & our Casey Stoner. On the first lap right in front of us Simonchelli took out Lorenzo on the hairpin, I got it all on video. Lorenzo got back into the race a fair bit ahead of Simmonchelli but by then in all the carnage Ben Spies managed to get a bit of a gap on Casey then the other Repsol of Devitsiosa. Casey started to make inroads on the gap & gapped his team mate behind but I think he was trying a bit too hard & getting too loose & it was Ben Spies day. Good on ya Ben for your first MotoGP win you deserved it & I hate to think what will be said about Simmonchelli though. Walked back to our camp through all of the burnt cars & carnage for a night of partying back at camp, they have the best street parties, got to be there to believe it. We were low on supplies so we had to go back into town so we had a spoon full of concrete, put the wet weathers back on & headed back into town on the Bird. As I pulled into the “Coffee Shop” to resupply & there was a heap of other Aussie bikes parked out in front, bloody Aussies, can’t take them anywhere. Back to camp for more awful Dutch music, Doof Doof, revving engines & explosions at least I got to sneak a shower in cause I was starting to smell a bit like wet dog but worse.

Sunday 26th June

Amsterdam Bound

We got packed up on a warm sunny morning with a great weather prediction for the next few days at least. I don’t know what is with the weather being shithouse for race days then the next day is spot on but I guess that is why we are Bikers, we experience the whole deal weather ‘n’ all. Off to Amsterdam we headed with Clint in tow & set up at an awesome campsite, Zeeburg, well done Tess on your research. Zeeburg is like a full on back packers place with all ages here & all with the same relaxed Amsterdam feel, firkin hundreds of tents. We got set up, Clint went to his hostel & we hung out at the bar for the rest of the night, at least we did our washing while we “Relaxed”, it was pretty manky.

Monday 27th June

Explore Amsterdam

HELL YEAH, AMSTERDAM ROCKS !!!! We caught the tram in from our campsite which only took a 10 minute walk & 7 minutes on the tram & we were at central station. With only a very vague map we made it to Amsterdam square with all of the street performers then through all of the shops. The shopping in Amsterdam is world class so it’s not just the coffee shops & red light district. Somehow we managed to come across the main coffee shop I wanted to see, Damkings of the movie oceans 12. After a short stop over there we found some better maps & made our way to the Vangough museum for a bit of culture. You think airport security is full on try getting into the Vangough museum, holly crap, I guess the original artwork would be worth a few Euros though. We then meandered our way through Amsterdam, found an Aussie bar for lunch, ate some kangaroo, more coffee shops then a walk through the red light district for a laugh. Talk about catering for all fetishes, some of the windows you didn’t want to look through, think fat grandma with huge tits & I just ate! Anyway we made it back on our tram to the campsite & at the bar listening to Bob Marley having a relaxing time in Amsterdam, think we might stay for a little while.

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